I’ve known & admired Maggie for many many years as she has shined a new light pioneering the global beauty & spa industry.
We’ve shared an immutable truth, which is true wellness is more than physical, and consumers actually visit the spa industry seeking replenishment of their soul, as this alone brings beauty, wellness, balance & value to the whole person.
I’m often asked, in my role as CEO of a global natural wellness company and creator of the Love System organic skin & bodycare range, how I’ve managed to create successful yet sustainable international growth for almost 2 decades.
The answers lay in some of the simple yet practical new spa business paradigms & philosophies Maggie has been successfully pioneering, and now offering through her “spirit of spa”, where the industry can now experience powerful insights into a successful & sustainable spa model that connects soul deep with their clients.
It’s rare that I would have the privilege or the inclination to extend such authentic praise, but occasionally an individual shines such a bright light that one can’t help but notice, and to me, Maggie has always been one of those rare individuals.
If your interested in creating the future of spa, being a leader not a follower, then you need to consider “spirit of spa” as an invaluable resource and partnership.
Be Well
— Paul Loveday Managing Director Australian Bush Flower Essences, The Love System, Bush Biotherapies


During the 8 years I was General Manager of Lilianfels Resort & Spa in the Blue Mountains I had the good fortune in securing Maggie Cairns to lead and manage our Spa and health club facility. Maggie stayed with us for 2 years before moving to Sydney to establish her own business - Spirit of Spa. She still continued her inspirational training for our spa team – such is her passion and integrity to empower people on their path in holistic wellness.

Lilianfels Resort & Spa was a 85 room luxury boutique resort then owned by Orient-Express Hotels (now Belmond) . We won many Industry awards for excellence and Spa was certainly integral to its success.

Maggie’s energy, skills, knowledge, in her Spirit of Spa training – produced excellent results for our spa team and in fact the resulting positive energy and enthusiasm rippled through the entire hotel, and ultimately the guest experience.

Maggie understands holistic health and people - the mind body connection – and she generously gives of her time and knowledge in this field to all who have the good fortune to meet her on their path to wellness for the greater good.
— Robyn Pontynen Hotelier – Boutique Luxury Resorts


Maggie Cairns is one of the most authentic people I know and admire in the Spa industry to date. I have had the pleasure of working with Maggie on numerous occasions. Her knowledge and passion for the spa industry is inspiring.

At Noosa Springs Golf & Spa Resort, we embraced Maggie’s philosophies and engaged her to help us solve some of our staff issues. These staffing issues were affecting our business,
and we knew Maggie could help. With some simple and effective techniques provided by Maggie’s Spirit of Spa training, our staff became more aware and positive changes began to occur immediately. It was a contagious rippling effect with the whole team catching on to the natural high Maggie had established.

Our staff became more connected to the business and this was felt by our customers with just some small behaviour changes, guests found a genuine connection to the spa. The spa became a place they could really let go and receive the most amazing treatments and service.

At the end of the Spirit of Spa training we had a more cohesive team and our staff where connected to the bigger picture of what we were trying to achieve.

I would urge mangers/owners to embark on this journey with Maggie; the positive healthy attitude of your spa team is what makes a successful, happy and prosperous spa.
— Julie Meacham ASPA Spa Manager of the year 2011