Maggie Cairns and her treatments are nothing short of amazing. Maggie herself exudes a beautiful sense of calm and caring which carries through to her truly exquisite treatments which is exactly what I needed. I couldn’t recommend Maggie and her divine and luxurious treatments highly enough
— Jacqui Bourke
There are times when a person comes into my life and touches me deeply. Maggie is such a one. From a passing hello to a full treatment Maggie offers an infectious gentle calm.
What can I say Maggie radiates goodness.
— Fran Clayton


I have been a client of Maggie’s for 4 years and have always been extremely happy with her service as she is exceptional in her field. I look forward to my appointments with her because she is a lovely person who is happy to share her knowledge and experiences. Her gentle nature is calming and makes you feel relaxed. I highly recommend Maggie!
— Ebony
I love Maggie! She provides a unique combination of sensitivity, skill and kindness. Maggie makes one feel valued and cared for in a very wonderful way. I look forward to every visit with her. She is the ultimate Eye Brow Queen.
— Kerri Dream
Maggie is very professional. She is known for being a perfectionist. Softest touch, very gentle and caring. After seeing her, you feel like you’re floating, and her facials are to die for.
— Kelsey Ellem


I’ve known & admired Maggie for many many years as she has shined a new light pioneering the global beauty & spa industry.
We’ve shared an immutable truth, which is true wellness is more than physical, and consumers actually visit the spa industry seeking replenishment of their soul, as this alone brings beauty, wellness, balance & value to the whole person.
I’m often asked, in my role as CEO of a global natural wellness company and creator of the Love System organic skin & bodycare range, how I’ve managed to create successful yet sustainable international growth for almost 2 decades.
The answers lay in some of the simple yet practical new spa business paradigms & philosophies Maggie has been successfully pioneering, and now offering through her “spirit of spa”, where the industry can now experience powerful insights into a successful & sustainable spa model that connects soul deep with their clients.
It’s rare that I would have the privilege or the inclination to extend such authentic praise, but occasionally an individual shines such a bright light that one can’t help but notice, and to me, Maggie has always been one of those rare individuals.
If your interested in creating the future of spa, being a leader not a follower, then you need to consider “spirit of spa” as an invaluable resource and partnership.
Be Well
— Paul Loveday Managing Director Australian Bush Flower Essences, The Love System, Bush Biotherapies