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Soothe Our Soul closes a gap by nourishing the hearts and souls of care-givers, by helping to sustain the true meaning and intention of the wellness industry and by providing an invaluable handbook for those who wish to bring an authentic and holistic approach to existing qualified practices. The Spirit of Spa is relevant for anyone working within wellness, whether a business owner, manager or practitioner. Integrity as a care-giver means we must practice for ourselves what we advocate to others.





Who am I to write a book called ‘Soothe Our Soul’?…. is the question I ask myself?

What brings me here is a long and winding road….a journey through life with an incredible amount of set backs, challenges, trials and tribulations. Yet through every severe storm and emotional tsunami there have been two major blessings that have strengthened me and always ensured that I reach a warm and safe high-ground, even if arriving there tattered and torn. These two things are:


A Deep Appreciation that all human beings are sensitive souls


I have worked closely with people since I was 18 years old. ???? I have learnt a lot about human nature. I have had to be up close and intimate with men and women all over the world from every walk of life. I have learnt the art of knowing what different people need to feel safe and sound. I have come to know that a vast majority of people are not actually going very well. I have seen time and time again how so many people are drowning in emotional overwhelm and yet are spending most of their energy trying to pretend they are not.

I have witnessed people becoming so far from themselves simply because they do not know how to feel, or be vulnerable or just be. I have a deep appreciation of how much most of us struggle day to day and try to put on a brave face. I know that human beings are sensitive souls who respond to simple love and care. I have witnessed people completely change and transform even physically when they feel safe and connect to their hearts. I know that on behalf of the human race we do need an SOS, but rather than to be saved we actually need to be soothed. We need to honour the feminine principal of nourishment inside and out, and in doing this we will be able to pass it into the nourishment of one another, of nature, of mother earth and beyond. I feel that Soothe Our Soul can be a handbook to help bring individuals back to themselves


Feeling is actually much easier than avoiding


The other major thing I have learnt throughout my life is -to go inwards, and especially when things are very difficult. I have become so familiar with the deep desire to want to escape, to run, or fade those uncomfortable emotions that arise in me when life happens.

However I know from the depths of who I am that life is actually much easier if I turn towards those feelings, metaphorically hold my head up high, open my heart and step towards them like a warrior.

In those moments when it is the very opposite of what feels natural because the inner darkness can be so horrifying, I know that if I step towards the energy in motion my life will improve dramatically, whether in a moment or a month, it is always better out than in.


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Lightness enlightens.
— Joel Goodman