Why The Spirit of Spa?

There is a force in the universe,
which, if we permit it,
will flow through us
and produce miraculous results.
— Mahatma Gandhi

A landmark study presented at the Global Spa & Wellness Summit has just revealed that the international wellness market is now worth $3.4 trillion, making it nearly three times larger than the worldwide pharmaceutical industry.

This study confirms wellness as one of the worlds largest and fastest-growing industries, including the Spa Industry, which has increased 58% from $60 billion to $94 billion over the last five years, during a brutal recession.

However, within the spa industry, with its emphasis on nurturing and caring, there is very little emphasis on the wellness of the care-givers (practitioners, beauty therapists, healers, spiritual energy workers, etc.) themselves. But the quality of the care available to client is directly affected by the wellness of the practitioner. Can you imagine booking in for a much-needed massage, only to be greeted by a Therapist with a broken arm? No one in their right mind would expect that Therapist to carry out the treatment (nor expect the client to feel confident about the outcome)! The lack of nurturing of the practitioners leaves a gap in what should be a holistic system.

We Cannot Give What We Do Not Have!

As the Global Spa and Wellness industry continues to expand, so does the group of people who choose to step into this line of work.

Care-givers already engaged and those new to this industry, alike, find very little attention or support is given regarding their own holistic health – yet the demands placed on their services and competences are higher than ever before.

Compassion fatigue is on the increase and this is a direct result of disillusionment among care-givers, symptomatic of a lack of acknowledgement and a loss of connection to the 'meaningfulness' of their work.
Managers and directors of wellness businesses know the crucial thing they must get right is: best practice and the quality of service for the customer. When this is achieved things prosper and grow.

The key to high quality service and best practice is to have an employee or team of employees who care for the wellness of their clients and their colleagues from a place of gratitude and with an open heart.
For the manager or the director this means their team is thriving; their employees feel valued and acknowledged on all levels, resulting in a business that is giving and receiving abundantly.

The Missing Ingredient...The Spirit of Spa

- shifts the focus within the wellness and spa industry from physical care to spiritual care.

- offers individuals and businesses who are constantly looking to improve themselves and the quality of their work, an invaluable source of 'Food for the Soul' so that they can develop the skill to nurture themselves and receive the nurturing care they are constantly called upon to give to others.

- closes the gap by nourishing the hearts and souls of care-givers, by helping to sustain the true meaning and intention of the wellness industry and by providing an invaluable range of services and products for those who wish to bring an authentic and holistic approach to existing qualified practices.

- is relevant for anyone working within wellness, whether a business owner, manager or practitioner. Integrity as a care-giver means we must practice for ourselves what we advocate to others.